I’m fire and you’re the ocean

Since weather has changed about 20 times this week and every single bleeding plant in the area has decided to pollinate everything I own, I am sick. Well, not necessarily sick but dammit if I don’t feel like I could chop off my face and be happy for the rest of my life. This afternoon, my stomach started doing this horrible seasick/tension thing that I can’t get rid of and my sinuses are pulsating and my eyes are made of sand. Or so it feels.

Also, I made brownies a bit ago and they are disgusting*, which is a shame.

Also also, my eyes are leaking salty water and my heart hurts. WTF is up with that, World?

To make myself feel better, I went YouTubeing. Both vids are Howie Day from back in 2002 before all the very very bad things happened. This first one I’m posting because it is sheer genius. It blows my mind every time I watch it and I’m so sad that he has gotten away from doing this because this is what he does best. Ghost is one of his best songs and is always well-received, as is evidenced in this video.

In this one, the crowd isn’t that into him and you can’t hear everything he’s doing on the guitar but I’m mainly posting this for my Howie girls because a) he’s newly 21 in this (I know, right?) and b) bleached hair. And c)…well…LOOK AT HIM.

*I will be consuming them all


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