The following things make my life awesome

Yesterday, iChip shuffled onto some full-on win and it got me to thinking about how I’d chuck all of my no-wedding-ever rhetoric out the window if I were partnered with a guy who would let me walk down the aisle to this:

And then I thought, “Well, if he’ll let me walk down the aisle to that, then sure he won’t object to a choreographed dance* featuring the entire bridal party, right?” That dance would be to this:

Or this:

And really, if the man will let me do those things, then why shouldn’t I just marry the guy? I mean, he’s gotta be pretty damn cool, wouldn’t you agree? A tolerant, patient man, who loves me so much that he would let our nuptials turn into a three-ring circus. That’s love, baby.

* I am a sucker for moments when people break into choreographed dances, which is probably why I love these guys so much. Especially the guy in the black and white striped shirt and black eyeliner. ASDkfja fkjsd;aj ;akdjf weifjwie4jrti2q tr jf…


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  1. Hahaha!!!! I secretly love NSYNC. Shhh…. And yes, I too am a sucker for choreography. In fact, one of my co-worker’s favorite lines is, “If I didn’t already know you were so weird, I might be worried.” Because there is always singing and dancing. I like to think of myself as starring in my own musical.

    And if I ever get married. Well, let’s just say that there might be a short rendition of Britney Spears’
    “Toxic.” Yeah, it’s like that.

  2. I still wish we had done the Thriller dance at our wedding. But you know, I dunno if those Canadians could have pulled it off.

    And I still heart Joey, cuz he’s got street smarts.

    And maybe I think he’s hot. What’s it to ya? heh

  3. k8, I think we’re well on our way to a very beautiful friendship :D I do not secretly love Nsync. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically love them. A lot. heh

    Sometimes when I’m on the bus in the morning and everyone is sleepy and quiet, I want to bump some high-energy music so that everyone can get up and bust into an impromptu musical number. I think that would make my life the awesomest it has ever been.

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