Tra la la la la

So one of my posts ended up in some…some…something wildly popular and holy hell, I had 85 hits in the time period that WordPress considers a day! That particular post had nearly 40 hits itself. A-mazing!

I keep opening up my blogs to other people. “Opening up” is the wrong term. “Giving the url out” is a more appropriate term. It worries me, to be honest. I’m very afraid of judgment by people who know me but not so much by total strangers. Weird, huh? All day long, I’ve been thinking, “Sparkle Pants, why in the hell did you do that? That was so dumb! You have on secrets now!” Only that’s not true. I have a lot of secrets. Also, I’m running an experiment on the Super Secret Writing Blog ™. We’ll see if it works. So far, it hasn’t. But it has only been two days, give or take.

I think! That it is time! For ice cream!

At the next Riches commercial break.


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