I’ve been thinking a lot tonight about how we change and how we lose track of people, only to find them again, completely changed. And we worry about the change. Does it mean there’s no room for us in their lives anymore? Then you realize how you’ve changed and strangely, you’ve changed together and in ways that place you on the same path, just like you were years ago.

I’ve been sitting here battling with my least favorite of my homework assignments for this class, something that requires us to go through this detailed list of things about a short story. We dissect it, identify these things that influenced our view of the characters. I understand its importance but it just drives me batty. On a break, I pulled out an old composition book from the drawer beside my desk and the page I’m currently reading is from June 23, 2005. I found this drawn on the page, along with ramblings that still make sense and oddly enough, that I’m still feeling today.

LIFE–>the mark we place on each other–>the stains that won’t come out–>FIVE YEARS–>still the pain–>i don’t need you anymore–>i never did–>and yet–>here i am–>bastard


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