Today = epic fail

3:30am: Wake up, help The BFF get ready to leave for airport.
3:30-4:45am: Multitude of things go awry.
5:15am: Arrive at airport. Say goodbye. I return home.
6:02am: Receive phone call from The BFF saying the plane took off early and without her.
6:03am: Leave for airport.
6:30am (approximate): Arrive at airport, pick up The BFF.
6:35am: Park car, go inside to question ticketing agent.
6:43am: Help sobbing BFF back to car.
6:44am: Get angry when automated pay station can’t process my debit card to pay the $1 parking fee.
6:47am: Sit in car.
6:50am: Make 2 laps around airport while waiting for phone calls from The BFF’s family about other flights.
6:55am: Mutually agree that the 4pm flight they booked her on earlier is good enough.
7:30am (approximate): Get home.
7:35am: Check bank balance because seriously WTF?
7:36am: Commence monumental meltdown because my utility companies charged me TWICE for my bills this month, thus making me nearly $500 overdrawn.
7:37-8:00am Make phone calls, leave voice mails, and cry a lot.
8:00-8:30am Bask in the company of The BFF.
8:30am-noon (approxmiate): Sleep off and on while The BFF packs and unpacks her backpack and does other things, including answering my frantic question, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”
12:15pm: Begin preparations for departure to airport.
1:15pm: Leave for airport.
1:45pm: Arrive at airport. Say goodbye again.
1:46-2:15pm: Drive home listening to Nsync to keep myself from thinking about how horrible life is at the moment.
2:15pm: Arrive home after dodging both the neighbor’s dogs and his friend’s enormous truck (the same truck, I might add, that blocked me in last night AND almost did this afternoon).
2:20-3:20pm: Talk to The BFF on the phone and read to her.
3:21pm: *sniffle*


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