The day made of win and awesome

March 20*, 2000: the start of a beautiful relationship

Eight years ago, The BFF and I formed a sacred union based on a mutual admiration of Mazzy Star, five o’clock shadows, and the FKA. Times are tough right now, tougher than I ever thought they could ever be, but as long as I have The BFF by my side, then I will be okay. Even if that means eating Ramen for the next four months and crying ourselves to sleep at night.

I love you, BFF. You are the macaroni to my cheese.

*Actual date remains unknown, as we both lost/deleted a lot of emails from around that time due to an insane bitch-whore going all bitch-whore on us [I tried to give her a tight present.]

ETA: I need an equally large boa.


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