It really is that dirty

My monitor, that is. See, my desk is under the stairs, which is REALLY cool except that our stairs are open and our house is prone to dustiness, so my desk, keyboard, mouse, and monitor are just covered. in dust. And I was like, this is not that bad. Until a few minutes ago when I thought that my monitor was dying one pixel at a time until I realized that no, that’s just the reflection of DUST ON THE SURFACE. I think this weekend I’m moving my desk to the adjacent wall.

In other news, you should do me a huge favor and go vote for my friend, Brandon Tyler. That link will take you to a radio station’s website and you’ll see the poll where you can vote. Lights On the Fire is one of my favorite songs of his and I’m pretty sure B would show you his puffy nipples in appreciation if you voted. Trust me, they’re truly a sight to behold.

I’m trying to eat breakfast while I write this post. It’s a little difficult because of how I make my oatmeal. You know, most people cook their oatmeal and it’s nice and thick and they don’t need to have the bowl anywhere near themselves while they eat. But I add a dash of soymilk, cinnamon, and brown sugar and that dash of soymilk thins it out a little. Today I was still asleep when I made it, so there was too much water and…


The Riches started up again last night and it took me about five seconds to remember why I love that show so unbelievably much. OMG WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DOOOO???

All right. Time to finish the oatmeal and then get ready for work. Hasta, le internetz.


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  1. You watch The Riches too?!?! Awesomeness :-D

    The whole time my face looked like this :-O

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