Start your eating disorder early, girls!

This is sad. Sad, sad, sad. There are other links I could share but I don’t want to disturb you all too much. In case you aren’t getting all click-happy, Tampax and its parent company, Proctor & Gamble, have a wonderful website instructing girls on how to develop eating disorders. It includes such disordered habits as posting little reminders to yourself all over the house asking how hungry are you exactly and to be aware of your “problem areas” or “problem times of the day” so you know not to be around food when, you know, you’re hungry. If that’s not enough for you, maybe you’ll want to read the comments from little girls who are already worried about being fat and one girl who says that she believes that Americans binge eat since 9/11 because she was in second grade then and was small then but now she is just so BIG. Because, you know, she’s a freshman in high school now. It’s not like she went through puberty or anything.

This is SAD, people. I know that there’s a lot of focus on little girls but little boys deal with these things now, too. These are the things being marketed toward children, YOUR children, and it just disgusts and saddens me on your behalf. I just…I just can’t imagine…I remember being that age and feeling so unattractive and fat and unacceptable. I wish to god I could go back and hug young me, cuddle young me, and tell young me that I am beautiful and wonderful and worth SO MUCH MORE than “they” (whoever that is) led me to believe.

I love you, internets. Whoever you are visiting this and reading this, I love you! I love every inch of you! You’re beautiful! Give yourself a big hug. Pet your shoulders and knees. Thank your tummy for digesting your dinner! And if you have kids, hug them and love them no matter what. Remind them of that every day.


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  1. I worked with teenagers for ten years. It IS in fact getting worse. It makes me sick to my stomach. Nine year olds going on diets (without their parents’ knowledge – they’re just doing it because some snotty girl (and they’re all snotty at that age) told her she was fat and would never have a boyfriend. Ick.

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