My newest MySpace friends

One of the things I hate most about MySpace is the random bands that decide to friend you. I have nothing against musicians promoting themselves but unless I know them and really like them, I don’t add them. Sometimes though, I seek out bands myself. I have quite a few music friends and will pimp them here someday, once I get around to it. Last night, I added a few new folks to my MySpace because they are just that awesome.

I don’t know how many of you listen to Prairie Home Companion, but last night was the talent show and the performers they had on were all amazing. Andrew Ryan, who I mistakenly said won. The BFF and I both thoroughly enjoyed The Honey Dewdrops, who actually DID win. I voted for Mattie Speece and Pat Villines, and there was a girl there with Carter blood in her veins who sounded like a young Emmylou Harris.

I highly recommend you check them out; there were two other groups/performers who I did like but just wasn’t as blown away by as I was these guys.

Sorry for that deplorable sentence. I’m really very tired. That’s all from this corner of the world. See you on the flip side of a g-mack patty, yo.


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