It has taken me nearly 20 minutes to get this page to load. I hate my DSL.

So at Christmas, my brother gave me a gift card to I blew it hard on some stuff for a project The BFF and I are working on, and also, I bought some fluff. A few weeks ago, I screen capped that fluff* and tonight, I made some things.

Also, I have some other screen caps to show you, of some stuff I’ve run across on teh interwebz the past few days but my connection is so dismal that I’m not even going to try.



Ceiling Justin, seen here in his less common Floaty Head form, strikes awe into an unsuspecting soul.


The unsuspecting soul calls upon Ceiling Justin for that which will make his life complete.


The unsuspecting soul in his natural habitat.


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  1. lmao! dat justin be fine, yo.

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