Think before you permanently ink your skin

I’m a member of a tattooing community on Livejournal and there are a lot of impressive pieces of art posted there but sometimes, people get bad tattoos. Sometimes they make bad decisions. Or poorly informed ones. Like the girl who got a tattoo of Oklahoma on her foot, because she was born and raised there. She got a star smack in the middle of the state to represent Tulsa!

While I wait for those of you familiar with Oklahoma geography to stop gasping with laughter, I’ll explain to everyone else that Tulsa’s not really anywhere near the center of the state. When someone mentioned it to her, she got really snarky and emo about it. I’m sure she doesn’t need someone to tell her that twice, but I couldn’t resist. I might bag on Oklahoma for a variety of reasons but I was born and raised there and if I’m going to tattoo the damn state on my body and then mark the place where I lived with a star, I’m going to make sure it’s, you know, somewhere near where I lived.

On a completely different note, did anyone else see Ellen Page be a total spaz on SNL? She was fabulous, especially as Peter Pan. Also, Wilco? Tons of awesome.


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