I guess this means I’m falling again

(AJ, this morning I popped in the trusty Wakeland CD and spent my drive to the park and ride lot remembering the show at Joe’s, out back in the parking lot.)

Have you ever slept so soundly that you feel drugged if/when you wake up? That’s kind of how last night was for me. I felt like someone had either slipped something nefarious into my ice cream or had given me a lot to drink while I slept. So I’m fighting a lot of big, thick cobwebs this morning sans coffee. I know. I do have tea, so that’s okay. I just know how this little song and dance works. Tea doesn’t upset my stomach like coffee, so I am easily able to drink many cups of tea without feeling like I’m going to die. Until mid-afternoon, when I start shaking and my brain explodes from the rapid-fire thoughts in my head. But hey, if it’ll keep me from falling asleep, then so be it.

Two things of note that I should talk about but can’t form coherent thoughts about: Cuba and Pakistan. I think I can sum up Pakistan with the following statement: democracy has clearly taken hold in that country, since they held an election where the opposing party won and nothing changed, including the people in power. Votes? What votes?


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  1. That is SO strange, I was just thinking of that guy ralphing in that big barrell trashcan during that show. I haven’t a clue why!

    Oh how I miss that CD! Have another listen for me!

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