Stop all the world now. Please.

I hate that the title of a Howie Day album can come in so handy at times such as these. Life is throwing wild curve balls at the Sparkle Pants household. Clearly, one of those curve balls is my blog. My domain name expires Friday and keeping it is on the very bottom of my list of priorities right now. Free blogs work just fine for me. So we’ll be here for a long time, I think, because I don’t have the need for a domain name or anything like that.

I’m ready for this ride to be over. I’m done with not being able to live. I’m going to change things, come hell or high water, and get everything back on track if it’s the last thing I do. I’ll find solutions, I’ll create work-arounds, and mostly, I’ll get our house back on the mend. Right now, things are broken and horrible and terrifying, so if you feel like sending good vibrations and prayers our way, please do so. We need them.


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  1. I’m sendin’ you all I’ve got! Please let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help either one of you. I know, pretty worthless coming from a broke friend halfway across the country. But stranger things have happened right? Love you guys!

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