I am tired of whatever it is that grows here that makes me so miserable. I have spent the past two months (it seems) sneezing and clawing at my face because the sinus pain and the itching and I am so, so over it. I stayed home on Friday with a headache that went away pretty quickly but then I spent the rest of the day feeling just generally run down with this allergy business. Yesterday I felt a little better but by the end of the day, I was exhausted again with the sneezing and sniffling and sore throat…and that’s exactly where I am now. I am so tired! Of being! Sick!

And also tired of passing ten gas stations because the numbers 3 and 19 DO NOT BELONG ON THE SAME LINE AT A GAS STATION.

Last night we watched Happy Feet and I am such a sucker for penguins that I seriously thought I might have to kill myself before the movie ended. Also, it was fun to point out all the instances where the liberal agenda was so crystal clear. I will not abide gay penguins! Or Latino ones either!

But seriously? Someone needs to buy me a baby penguin.


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  1. Our preacher’s wife was just telling me about her friend in Mississippi whose 4yo son managed to get home from the zoo with a baby penguin in his backpack a couple of months ago. So if you want one bad enough….. you know, I’m just sayin’.

    And right now I’d be happy about the 3.19…ours is up to 3.39. This is Oklahoma!! Don’t they know we are all poor and drive big gas guzzling pickum-up trucks? Jeez.

    I’m also sick of the allergy thing, so I’m devising a plan for a giant pollen-free bubble to live in. I’ll let ya know how that works out.

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