Standing on the edge of an invisible cliff

I logged into WordPress to mess around with my blog and got caught up reading a comment thread of people at VT saying who was okay and who wasn’t. It was heartbreaking to see all the pleas from families who hadn’t heard from their children, children we now know are deceased. Frantic, frantic.

In undergrad, I would sit in class and wonder what I would do if someone burst into the room with a gun. To be honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about that. I work in a very public place, am very accessible, and come into contact with a lot of people. But it doesn’t stop at work. I think about it at the mall, at Target, as I’m sitting at a stop light. What would I do if someone were to start shooting at me? Pray that the bullet would strike me hard and fast so I wouldn’t feel a thing? Run? Scream? Protect or help someone else? I don’t know what kind of person I am yet. I can’t answer any of those questions.

It’s hard enough to find hope without things like this happening.


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  1. We have hope in each other, my love, and in God.

    I find myself at intersections, preparing to cross, waiting for the impact of the oncoming car that ran the red light. Waiting for the smash and swerve and spin and wondering if the car will blow up instantly, or if my neck will snap…it’s funny…people do survive car accidents and gunshot wounds and all kinds of things all of the time, but I never picture myself surviving.


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