The day after, a wonderful thing happened

My best friend was born! She was overdue, probably because it was warm inside her momma and she just wanted five more minutes, pleeeaaassseee??? But thank goddess for her arrival because she has made a big difference in the lives of a lot of people. She turns the world on with her smile. No lie! The first time I met her in person, it was at the airport in Oklahoma City and she turned on this thousand watt smile and I immediately thought she’d never be friends with me. We’ve been friends for almost seven years and roommates for almost six. We laugh and cry and fight and have good times and disagree and watch movies and play music and watch the Backyardigans and eat candy and cook dinner and at the end of the day, we love each other no matter what. Our friendship is a partnership, a relationship, and my life has been greatly enriched by having her be such a huge and significant part of my world.

I love you, Best Friend. This is going to be the year for us. I feel it. We are going to make next year our bitch.


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  1. *cries*

    Thank you, wonderful best friend. You are the most amazing person, ever.

  2. You guys rock. Happy B-Day Eireann ;-)

  3. Thank you, Chris!

  4. the slacker of blog-ness says hello to you both, and wishes eireann a belated happy birthday. duh. i’m a loser. :( i love you both muchly, though. that’ll never change.

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