Oh, the places you will go

Greetings from Jackson, Tennessee! There’s a bathtub in my hotel room that keep begging me to occupy it, so this entry will be brief. It was rainy most of the day but nothing too terrible, so that was really nice. Knoxville was the worst part because I think Southerners are under the impression that Reconstruction HAS NEVER ENDED. Sigh. I stopped at a gas station earlier and it had a “Civil War room.” I didn’t stick around long enough to find out what that was but that gas station had a BRIGHT PINK women’s restroom that made me say a quick thank-you to God for seat covers. Blessed seat covers. I washed my hands AND used hand sanitizer. Gross.

Also? Sometimes taking a chance on gas station coffee isn’t worth it. Especially when the coffee tastes like dirt and beef jerky. So not kidding.

Bath now! Bed later. Sleep needed.


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