Mood music

I just totally by accident discovered the most amazing musician. His name is Brett Dennen and I’m not kidding when I say that I thought he was a) African American and b) a woman when the song started. But no, he’s a white kid with flaming red hair and the most soulful and amazing voice I have heard in a long, long time. Check out his website (opens in new window). You can download a track for free to see for yourself. And to be honest, it isn’t the best track I’ve heard.

I’m just now getting around to setting up a few playlists and I’ve run across the Awarestore, Ear Snax, and Dualtone sampler discs I ripped a few months ago. A lovely gal named Elana sent them to me when I bought Howie Day’s pre-Epic version of Australia. Anyway, there’s some really fantastic music on them (including Teitur, Matt Nathanson, and Jason Mraz).

Check out Brett Dennen. Well worth the few seconds it takes to register and download the song.


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  1. Sometimes they play Teitur at work& I always think of you guys! Love & misses!

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