On turkeys and oceans and football

I’ve been kinda sorta not really at all contemplating this post. What do I say? That I ate enough food for ten on Thursday? That I had Thanksgiving dinner again this afternoon at lunch and did almost the same thing? The meal went off without a hitch…well, almost. We needed olive oil and string. We found olive oil. We didn’t find string. No worries, though. The turkey was delicious, the green beans were delicious, the ten pounds of mashed potatoes (you think I’m kidding) were delicious.

Friday we went to Wilmington and thankfully the nasty weather went away and it was gorgeous. I have lots of pictures from the entire week and I will share later when I am not so glued to the couch. This morning we woke up early and went to campus to show Kevin around. I have pictures from that as well. Again with the not being glued to the couch thing. I know what you’re thinking. Sparkle Pants, you have a laptop that you’re using to make this post! But you know what? My USB port on this thing is too slow for my digital camera. Sad.

Until a few minutes ago, I was watching good ol’ Bedlam on FSN but guess what? OU started scoring touchdowns and OSU, you know, went home for the rest of the game, so I turned it off. Now I’m watching a thing about the Ice Age and the first Americans or something. It’s all bullcrap. Everyone knows the first Americans were British.

Ciao baby.


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  1. Um, the first Amerikans were from the LBC, y’heard?

  2. Happy late Thanksgiving! Hope you guys had a good one.

  3. That? Was fabulous. Thanks. :)

  4. You got it all wrong. Christopher Columbus was PORTUGUESE. Jeez, read a history book or something.

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