Hey this screen is bright

Last night, I got the Thanksgiving holiday started off the only way one can get it started: by puking all over the place. Even though I remember making a half-assed attempt at brushing my teeth, something has still taken up residence and then died in my mouth. I mean, gross people. I don’t really know what happened and I think I’m going to stick with the story that Kevin stuck a roofie in my drink because I went from drunk to dead in about two seconds. Also, I wasted ice cream. ICE CREAM. No one should be allowed to do that. So hangover ahoy, me mateys. I’m going back to sleep.


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  1. Well, at least if it was ice cream it wasn’t too chunky.

    Sorry, truly sorry, but you brought it up.

  2. That was pretty incredible, really. But I assure you, unless the cranberry juice was laced with syrup of ipecac, I did no roofie sneaking.

    I also considered cleaning up the ice-cream, but no, you really needed to see the horrors of your actions. I’m glad you’ve taken responsibility for them. Now the healing can begin.

  3. You wasted ice cream! Pshaw!

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