L is for Like, I totally hate you!

All right, I don’t totally hate you at all, internets. I won’t be shy about saying this, however: there are certain people on the planet I would like to roundhouse in the mouth. Certain people deserve it because they make you believe they are one thing and turn out to be something completely different, something completely vile and incomprehensibly not that person. It makes me want to scream. It makes me want to hit and scratch and bite and kick. I mean, how dare you? How dare you fool all of us into thinking that you are a decent person, that you care? You don’t give a crap what happens to whom. At least that’s what your actions are saying loud and clear. So do us all a favor. Go the fuck away. Go on and live your shallow life with your like-minded friends and leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

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  1. I certainly hope I’m never the target of your ire!

  2. :(

    Well, I don’t know who this was meant for, however being that I just read this, if you weren’t already talking about me, you should direct that roundhouse in the mouth my way. Srsly.

    I know I’ve been a total ass for the past… I don’t even know how long. I’ve been totally shallow and self-absorbed. =/

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