Stupid Saturday morning

I actually woke up in the morning and thought I’d get some fun time in before the madness of cleaning and preparing for the arrival of our Thanksgiving company begins. I decided to mess around on my Big Computer because I often get to use it and it’s faster than my laptop and also holds all my pictures and mp3s and…my entire life, basically. However, it isn’t exactly working. Sigh. Right now I’m watching Most Haunted on the Travel Channel. I’m cold. I’m grumpy.

Last night, we meant to see Happy Feet but saw Borat instead after a brief dinner discussion led us to believe that this would be an amazing idea. The movie is funny but they cut some of the funniest parts. The naked scene made it all worth it though. I mean, that was pretty hilarious. And also disgusting.

Today we have to go buy a turkey and potatoes and blankets and sheets and alcohol. I have to start cleaning the apartment and doing laundry while Roommate works on her paper.

Stupid Saturday morning.


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  1. I almost vommed/peed in my pants from uncontrollable laughter from that movie. Whew. It is AWESOME! Also, I hope the turkeyday is super yum and fun!

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