Dora knows your name

Greetings, internets. I have long meant to come here and make a post about a variety of things and after having spent the past hour fighting with MLA citations, my brain is screaming in protest. It doesn’t want to think. It only wants to sleep. I’m not even the one writing this paper. Isn’t that sad?

The thing I’ve meant to post about is gender. Well, gender and toys. I’m willing to ignore, for the sake of brevity, the classic examples of gender in toys: pastels for girls, bolds for boys; dolls for girls, tools for boys. However, there’s something really very wrong with one particular toy. As I’m sure some of you are aware, I take great pleasure in watching Nick Jr. as I get ready for work. Logically, there are advertisements a-plenty for toys (and also puppies, which I love) and the most disturbing, aside from the Baby Alive that says, “Uh-oh, I made a stinky!” is the rather harmless-looking Dora Talking Kitchen. Or as I like to call it, Dora Get Your Bitch Ass Back in the Kitchen and Make Me Some Pie! ™.

Looking at this on, it seems pretty harmless. It’s a kitchen! That talks! It’s bilingual! You can make cowboy cookies! You get to explore new things! Hooray!

What they don’t mention, however, is how this bad boy is advertised on television. You know, the phrase, “you can cook dinner for the whole family!” shouldn’t send someone into a blind rage at 9:30 in the morning. And trust that lazy ass Diego to call just as Dora (and your daughter) take those cowboy cookies out of the oven to comment on what smells so good.

So Dora, who I think is a pretty hip, independent, and smart little girl, has been reduced to cooking for the entire family. She has also become a fairy princess with magic hair and a shopaholic! Ah yes, trust Fisher Price to breed a new generation of consumers because we can’t live without capitalism! It’s what makes America the greatest!

About a year ago, I was in Target and overheard a little girl asking her mother, in the most pathetic and despairing voice ever, why she couldn’t have Bob the Builder panties. Granted, the mother could’ve bought her daughter Bob the Builder underwear but that would’ve broken entirely too many social and gender norms and the little girl would’ve spent the rest of her life in therapy all because her mom bought her boy underwear. I mean, all she wanted was to display her Bob the Builder pride on her butt. This little girl has been denied. Denied, I tell you! All because of gender stereotypes.

I have run out of steam. I would like to close with this: Dora isn’t a fairy princess with magic hair! And also I would like Blue to be a real dog so that she could be my pet. Kthnxbye!


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  1. Let me just say that I bought my BOYS a kitchen last year and they thoroughly enjoy making breakfast for me and cookies for all their “friends”. Yes I got some funny looks when I said I was buying my boys a kitchen but did I care? No. My boys are fightin’ the Man and makin’ him dinner at the same time. heh

  2. Yeah, I’ve noticed the Dora dolls becoming increasingly gendered. Which is unfortunate because in the past I was drawn to them because she was just a little girl with a round tummy in a tshirt and shorts. But now she’s a fairy princess. Which I give a farty-thumbs-down.

  3. Blue is a girl?

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