Strange memories

A few minutes ago, I remembered something: at a homecoming game in college, a friend and I were molested by a couple of guys. Not to bring up bad memories for my friend but it just popped into my head and I wish I could travel back in time and punch both of those assholes in the balls they clearly didn’t have. It was a horrible experience for us both and every time I think of it, I feel dirty and much in need of a scalding hot shower and some lye soap. It also makes me angry because what right did they have to touch us and force us to touch them? Why didn’t we say something? Why didn’t the usher standing two feet from us who knew what was going on not do or say anything?

Questions, questions, questions. Males that I know: think twice before laying your hands (or any other body part, for that matter) on a woman, any woman. Just…don’t. Be nice.


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  1. “Be nice” – words to live by that people shouldn’t need to be reminded of.

  2. Ugh. You perfectly described the way I feel every time I think of that whole experience. I wish I could block the whole thing from my memory.

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