“He Baracks my socks off” -Roommate

Running commentary:

Barack Obama good.
Ken Mehlman bad.
Anderson Cooper good.
Douchebag McDoucherson bad.
Shiraz good.
Migraine bad.

Overheard on CNN: “They vote different on dogs and gays.”

Anderson Cooper VERY GOOD.

“Mark Foley, who is in rehab right now…” – Wolf Biltzer

“Mark Foley is going to be the DEATH OF ME.” – Sparkle Pants, taking her millionth drink of wine in three minutes

The censor button on Comedy Central is slow and Jon Stewart just said SHITTING.

I’m drunk, I’m drunk, I’m drunk, I’m drunk.

It’s French, bitch. It isn’t Colbert. It’s Colbert. Duh. Hello. He is *so* my boyfriend. I love. Him. This lady Holmes-Whatever is SO FUNNY.

Borat has made the FUNNIESTMOVIE EVER.

CNN projects that the stupid South Dakota law to ban all abortions will be defeated.



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  1. I had to stop watching CNN at 11:00. I realized I’d sit there all night if I let myself and I had to be up bright an early. Yay for winning the House.

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