State hopping

Took Bunny the Second out for a spin today. Planned to visit Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach but at the last minute, we pulled into a gas station, bought a map, and drove to South Carolina. More specifically, we drove to Myrtle Beach. It was a first for us both, South Carolina (home of THE Stephen Colbert). Pictures coming later. I had a ton of funny things to say but I’m so exhausted I can’t think of them. Myrtle Beach reminds us of both Reno and the Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe.

Driving through the North/South Carolinian countryside:
E: A wedding chapel! Let’s get married!
Me: …I really don’t think you’re allowed to do that here.

Earlier, in the scary, I-don’t-like-driving-through-here part of North Carolina listening to Missy Elliott:
E: It’s like any minute we’re going to come across four black guys hanging from trees.
Me: I know.
E: And we’ll be right next to ’em, ’cause we’re listening to that black music.

Pictures tomorrow. Brain dead.


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  1. Only get scared if you hear Dueling Banjos. Wait, you weren’t in West Virginia…

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