Couldn’t you try to be interesting?

Chris asked if the person who stole my credit card number bought anything interesting. Sadly, he/she did not. According to my bank, the person tried to buy a subscription to (from my experience, this could’ve meant upward of $250) and tried to use Yahoo!Wallet for something. Fortunately, both things declined and I didn’t lose any money. Hooray! But still, it’s a scary feeling to know that someone has my credit card number. If they have that credit card number, do they have my other credit card numbers? Do they have my social security number? My address? My phone number? Do they know where I work? My mediocre paranoia is now through the roof.

In other news, I love Bunny the Second. And Stephen Colbert. I think I dreamed about him last night. I want to have a bonfire and invite Stephen Colbert because he seems like he’s the bonfire type. We would roast marshmallows and make s’mores and sing campfire songs and he would wear a red flannel hunting coat of sorts and quite possibly a hat with the flappy ear things. Which reminds me of my longing to have David Gray come over and sing to me while I lie in bed sipping apple cider.

Ah, life.


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  1. Oooh, can I come to the bonfire? I’ll totally bring the stuff for smores. And I’ll pay for it myself. I won’t steal your credit card or anything.

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