Bunny the Second: now with more pretty

I spent last week procurring this:


It’s my actual first obtained-with-my-money-only-not-so-much-mine-as-loaned-money-but-whatever car. Isn’t she pretty? Not sure what her name is as of yet but I can tell you that the first song played in Bunny the Second was Joyride by Dave Matthews Band.


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  1. Congrats on the new car! It’s awesome and you totally deserve it.

  2. i have been sick, and thus slow on the blog-readage. congrats on the new vehicle. ’tis purty, indeed. is that a Vue? or an LX or LS or whatever that sedan-ish one is called? it’s hard to tell from the angle of the pic. but it’s purrrrrrrtaaaay. *mwah*

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