That’s me, I’m the one

Problem with iTunes solved by uninstalling and reinstalling. We’re all happy and wonderful now. Onto other things…

I’m that person. You know, the person who will be friendless and alone if she’s not careful. Most days, I feel generally pretty horrible about myself and on some days, I feel downright miserable about myself and so I do that thing where when I feel bad, I make you feel bad for feeling good because your feeling good has made me feel bad. And it isn’t that you’ve done anything wrong. It’s just that my heart says ow ow ow ow and my mouth says SHUT UP YOU ARE SO ELITEST AND PERFECT SHUT UP, SNOB! and then your mouth says YOU ARE MEAN I HATE YOU! and then my mouth says waaaaaaah. I mean, it’s a pretty deadly cycle.

In an effort to not completely end up friendless and alone, I’m going to try to stop myself from feeling bad about anything anyone says to me. Instead, I’m going to be happy for those people that they have done something wonderful instead of being a sourpuss (my specialty) and raining on his or her parade.

I am a little black storm cloud. Hear me roar.

But from now on, I am a rainbow! A rainbow! A rainbow with sparkles!


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