The long, long week

This has been my day so far:

05:36: Wake up to NPR blaring next to my head. Unsure whether or not alarm has been going off for nearly 40 minutes or if I have been unconsciously hitting snooze.

05:38: Brush teeth. Jump around bathroom in effort to keep eyes open.

05:39: Contacts in.

05:45: Get in shower after about six minutes of staring blankly at the floor.

06:07: Wake up Roommate. Make peanut butter toaste and Mate. Wish I had the stomach for food.

06:10-07:00: Run around apartment like mad woman.

07:00-07:32: Ride around on a cozy warm bus with a bunch of people.

07:33: Curse self for not spending more time looking for gloves and for forgetting the hat.

07:33-07:55: Use bone-cutting chill to ward off impending exhaustion. Daydream about coffee. Wish the stupid express bus would hurry the eff up already.

07:55-08:55: Freeze ass off on express bus. Listen to Dave Matthews Band while sitting next to insanely attractive Dave Matthews look-alike, who happened to fall asleep on the ride and slump against me, ever so gently.

08:56: Stupid missing gloves. Stupid forgetting hat. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

08:57: OMFG WIND IS COLD. Greet Boss, who is walking behind me. Both share in moment of teeth-chattering, blustery shivering once inside.

08:58-current: Stare at monitor.


Does anyone remember having freeze-outs on the bus on the way to school? I mean, was that just a rural Oklahoma redneck thing? On mornings like this (or colder), there would always be a plea for a freeze-out. Sometimes we would ask for permission and other times, we would just yell FREEZE-OUT!!!!!! and drop all the windows until the bus driver started swearing at us. How I ever instigated that madness is beyond me. I mean, hello! It’s cold.

Let me tell you a little about my work space. Everything is under construction here, so I’m in what is supposed to be a staff lounge. I call it my bat cave or the dungeon, depending on my mood. I sit under a pretty impressive skylight that allows me a stunning view of the building rising up over my head, the blue blue sky, and the top of a tree. It’s lovely until right now, when it’s mothereffing cold outside and the brick wall I sit beside (yes, a brick wall – a very cold brick wall) is radiating COLD. And yes, before you say anything, cold CAN radiate.

I am in desperate need for a blanket. Oh, a blanket and a bed. Mmmmm…sleep.


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  1. I rode a lot of busses in my day but I don’t ever recall a freeze out. Sounds fun though. I mean, good way to wake up in the morning.

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