Monday, you pretty much suck

So far, today has sucked. I mean, it has been a red-letter Monday. Today on the way to work, as I sat cozied up on the bus next to a woman who smelled faintly of garlic, I thought up a witty post about my forays into public transportation. At that point, the day was little more than a crisp (cold) fall day full of sunshine and beautiful foliage and that woman who smelled faintly of garlic. My Bunny was in the shop having her brakes inspected and I feared the worst. If I had known then that my Bunny and I were so close to parting ways, I would’ve been a little more somber. If I had known that that horrible crash yesterday had anything to do with a fellow blogger, I would’ve been a little more somber.

But I didn’t. So I daydreamed and thought about how badly this area needs a rail system like the light rail in Sacramento and how the light rail might be kind of dirty and might be permeated by a lingering, unidentified odor, but it is mightly useful and typically gets you from point A to point B with little fuss.

As it stands, I am without a vehicle, which wouldn’t be such a horrible thing if my work schedule were normal. But no, I have to have the weird schedule that means if I want to take the bus home, it’ll take two and a half hours to go 30 miles. I mean, that’s if the bus runs on time and I don’t get mugged or kidnapped at the mall while I wait for my connection.

Anyway, I’m off to try to find someone who will loan me money to get a car to replace Bunny and to also, maybe, just possibly get some work done in between fits of anger, tears, and nausea.


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