Oh boy, am I tired! Today was a blustery, rainy day and I spent all of it inside shivering and sneezing because my office is Alaska. Now my mouth is itching and my throat is kind of itchy and so is my nose.

Tonight (or rather last night, since it’s past midnight) was the first anniversary of The Colbert Report. I wasn’t too impressed with it at first. It seemed too dry and bland. Now I almost enjoy it more than The Daily Show. But I think instead I enjoy them differently. My respect for Stephen Colbert has increased ten-fold. He’s muy funny. And just fabulous. And adorable.

By the way, Jon Stewart has aged reall well. I mean, he just keeps looking better and better. Also, I love it when he talks about his wife on his show. Amy Sedaris kept bringing her (Tracey) up and Jon mentioned that she (his wife) had steam-cleaned everything before Oprah came over to their house.

Time for bed!


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