Knights in Satan’s Service

So tonight we were at the mall, indulging in our usual Friday…things: Five Guys and mall walking. Then we realized that there was a frightening amount of KISS shirts wandering around and really, wouldn’t you be freaked out if there were shirts just wandering around the mall? We got down to the other end of the mall (after our grand feast, during which I did not feel like throwing up, so score one for me!) and the escalators are all blocked off and there is screaming and rock music outside Hudson Belk and we’re all WTF? So we go into Light Years and look at jewelry and I covet the iPod cases and purses and overheard a guy talking about Gene Simmons and a new cologne. When we left the store, I told Roommate such and as we walked past the escalators, we turned and holy crap, there’s Gene Simmons in all his Gene Simmonsy glory standing up on the next level on a little stage, taking pictures and signing autographs.

Well. Tickle us surprised. Gene Simmons. At Southpoint. What in the hell?

He was wearing a red button down shirt and black pants, in case you were wondering.

I bought a swank new purse tonight on sale at Target, along with some clearance nail polish, Bride and Prejudice on DVD (also on sale), and a not-on-sale coloring book featuring Dora the Explorer, Blue’s Clues, and The Backyardingans. I also had a caramel frappacino whatchamajiggy and our cell phones set off the metal detectors on the way into the store again. Again.

Gene Simmons. In North Carolina.


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    Oh my gosh. Okay, so remember how we got new phones? We lost ALL our old numbers, because they weren’t stored on the SIM card. Which means we lost yours and E’s number. Which means Jason got a text message saying “I just saw Gene Simmons at the mall” and he couldn’t figure out who it was.


  2. Ah! So Sparklepants gave me JASON’S cell phone number and not YOURS, which is who I THOUGHT I was text messaging!

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