I’m tired. I’m very tired. I don’t know what to talk about tonight. I’m watching The Daily Show right now and Jon is discussing Mark Foley and it was taped before the press conference about Foley being gay and having been molested as a teen by a clergyman. Of course, I can’t keep up with all the walls being thrown up around Foley but it makes me wonder. The Religious Right is hell-bent on damning gays because they are evil and sick and perverted pedophiles and these gays have been turned gay by all the molestation by Catholic priests. And if they weren’t molested, then they simply chose to turn gay. Or they got infected by the gayness. At any rate, Foley is gay. And the Right is more or less saying, “Well of course he is a child predator. He’s GAY! And all gays love little boys!”

See how tired I am? I’m so tired I can’t make sense. Someone should make me something to eat. And also give me some ideas for future posts. Because really? This is why no one reads my blog.


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  1. Hey! It’s the North American Man Boy Love Association…or CONGRESS…

    What do you want me to make you for dinner?

  2. I’m still reading. :P

  3. I read your blog religiously, I just don’t comment. If I knew your email address, I might comment.

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