Ever you’ll find us, loyal and true

About ten minutes ago, as I was walking through a parking lot here at work, I spotted the familiar round, orange alumni association sticker of my alma mater. It made me homesick. Very homesick. The weather here today is perfect college football weather – sunny, warm but not overly so, a light breeze, and the smell of damp ground – and this didn’t help with the whole being homesick thing. My intense longing to go back to my roots, as it were, is different than my intense longing to go back to California. They are two different places with two vastly different meanings but both are incredibly important.

Today I want to go back to Oklahoma. Back to a sea of orange, a sore throat after the game, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” blaring from the stadium, the bell tower chiming the fight song on game day, the fountain in front of the library spouting bright orange water, crunchy leaves and long shadows and game day traffic and the team walking down Hester to the stadium and the tacky orange cars owned by wealthy alumni and Bullet and my fear that one day Bullet will slip and break a leg during a game.

I quickly found all of my mp3s from my alma mater on my iPod, sat down on a bench in the shade, and listened to them. I thought about home, about games past, about college, about my family. I even listened to the “other” school’s rendition of our state song. That is how homesick I am.

And as an aside, Meredith my love, does this mean you’re thinking of coming for a visit? Happy! Jennifer – I have no idea how we escaped it unscathed. Someone was looking out for us!


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  1. Funny how the cooler weather and the approach of homecoming season always makes me reminisce about the college days. Definitely my favorite time of the year.

  2. despite my current fear of flying which has increased 4 billion fold over the past few months, i would love love love to visit you 2. moreso than my family (i know that’s horrible of me to say…)

    sorry it took me so long to respond. it’s been a horrible week.

    ps – what happened to your roomie’s blog? it’s, like, blank. like i said, i haven’t been around this week…did i miss something?

    pps – LOVE!

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