Today I killed a deer

Yes. I did. But my car is in one piece.

Let’s back up. Yesterday we went to Wilmington and in case you haven’t been to Flickr lately, I took a lot of pictures. On my Flickr, you will also see pictures of Elias and Addie, whom came to visit us today with their mom and dad. They all have blogs that I would link but I am too lazy to go find those links.

Then Best Friend, Best Friend’s Mom, and I thought that hey, we should still go to Sonic! So I took a nap and then we went. And then I hit two deer. My car is fine, as far as I can tell, but the deer…not so much. One of them died and the other one ran off, so who knows what’s going on with it.

So there you have it. Beach, friends, adorable children, deer, and Sonic. What a weekend.


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  1. oops! I forgot to type “comment” in the box. So this may post twice now…and I will look silly. :)

    I just said I was sorry that you hit a deer, but that I was very happy that you were okay. And then I gave you a computer hug. :D

  2. Ouch. As long as you’re okay!

  3. i’m sorry you hit some deer. you’d think that i would have at this point, considering the deer overpopulation problem we have in NJ, but i never did…weird. but from what i hear, that can do some SERIOUS damage to your car. so the fact that yours is okay, and that you are all okay, is a wonderful wonderful thing. xoxox

  4. PS —

    i miss you miss you miss you. soooooooomucho much!

    *really needs to check on the status of her frequent flyer miles, especially since dad has been doing more consulting work in TX, meaning he’s been racking up some miles lately…*

  5. You can’t live in NC and not hit a deer at least once. But two at the same time? Wow. Haah.

    How did you manage to not hurt your car?! If a deer from the side of the road even as much LOOKS at my car, its totaled.

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