Not only am I beautiful, but I’m also very, very tough!

This week I’m avoiding CNN. It is quite possibly safe now since the 9/11 hysteria is dying down and maybe I won’t be faced with that banner telling me I can watch all of CNN’s 9/11 footage as it happened! because let me tell you just how much I don’t want to do that. So what do you do in the morning when you don’t want to watch CNN? You watch Nick, Jr. Some of my favorite cartoons are on in the mornings: Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer…yesterday I was enthralled by Blue’s Clues and this gem, the Backyardigans. CGI animals that act like kids, are very diverse, and have adventures every day. IN THEIR BACKYARD.

I know, right? So clever.

My favorite is Uniqua because how can you not like someone with a name like that? They’re all fairly loveable and when they sing and dance, I find myself humming along stupidly as I apply my makeup (as opposed to when I am watching Blue’s Clues and ironing in my clothes, wherein I melt all over the place because Blue is just too.cute.for.words).

Today the Backyardigans were playing Vikings. They wore viking hats and yelled YARRRR! a lot and sang songs about how tough they are. Uniqua was a viking (a twirly, pink viking but a viking nonetheless). Tasha, the little yellow hippo, laughed at them from the side yard of the house because she was a mermaid who was not only beautiful but also very, very tough, too! Tougher than vikings.

The highlight of the episode was, quite possibly, the moment when Pablo and Tyron did the chest-bump to demonstrate their manly vikingness. I also loved when Tyron went on and on about the doldrums. Not only are they CGI and ethnically diverse* but they’re smart, too!

* Austin, the token white kid, was not present in this episode. He must’ve been at home eating his Mac & Cheese and watching Barney with his blogging** mommy.

** I have nothing against blogging mommies. Or white kids. Or Mac & Cheese. I do have something against Barney, though.

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  1. The Backyardigans are my absolute favorite cartoon that has come around in a long time. The songs are catchy, the characters are adorable, and when I sing the songs to my kids it makes them yell and tell my singing is too loud and they plug their ears and run away.

    The best episode is all about Sherman the Wormin and their quest to get him to Wyoming for the Wormin family reunion so they can play the Wormin polka. Oh then there’s the Yeti, and the Mounties on Duty, oh crap they are all good so just forget it.

    I need an adult life.

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