Are these times contagious?

Tonight we had dinner with a friend of mine from work. I have never met up with this person outside of work, so it was nice to see her out and about. We went to Olive Garden, where I gorged myself on salad, breadsticks, and portabello mushroom-stuffed ravioli. And Coldstone. Holy cow, was it good. Then we walked around Best Buy and I fondled the new Canon Digital Rebel XTi, the XT, and the S3 IS, which I will be getting in a couple of days. I ended up buying Matt Nathanson Live at the Point because I still didn’t have it. But now I do. Have I mentioned lately that I love him? Because I do. I had a marvelous time with my friends tonight and I will be very sad if Work Friend goes away.

Now we’re watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Carmen just yelled at Tibby. I love Amber Tamblyn. This is a very important fact you should know. I want to be Amber Tamblyn. Except not, because she is not BFFs with my BFF and I can’t live if I’m not BFFs with my bestest BFF of ever.


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