You got questions, I got answers

Ku nkiko asked a lot of questions that I will now answer in front of everyone.

Why are you so hott?
Good genes. And sparkle pants.

You didn’t see Little Miss Sunshine? Did you see Talladega Nights? Is it an
accurate representation of North Carolinians? (That was asked by my
Legislative Politics prof today) I answered “I’m not from here, so I
laughed my ass off. I thought it was hilarious.”

I DID see it. Last weekend. You were there, remember? Yes, I did see it and yes, it is.

If you could date one former president, who would it be. Not counting
Gerald Ford because we all know how hott he is.

What the hell kind of question is this? I don’t want to date any of the former presidents. I guess if I had to choose…Hillary.

I know you say you don’t have a comfort book, but if you were held at
gunpoint and forced to answer, what book would you say has made you feel
the most comforted while reading?

Any of the Anne books, I’ve decided. Especially after last night.


Many, many weeks ago, Michelle responded to my writing challenge and I fully intend on working on it! This weekend, perhaps.

Send in your questions! Send in your writing challenges!


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