Say what?

Everyone say hello to Dan. And since Dan is here reading these posts now, I should say something that will make him think I am so awesome and witty and cool and not old and boring, which is the reality of my life.

I could talk about dinner and what I’m having. Or not having, as it were. We’re really bad at making decisions in this house, so sometimes we’re practically dead from starvation before we go eat. Actually, that’s not true. I love to eat so you will never find me practically dead from starvation. It’s scientific fact.

Tomorrow night we’re having dinner with a friend from work. She and I have some things to discuss and I’m looking forward to some time with her that doesn’t involve both of us knowing we can’t just not go back to the office. Other than that, my weekend is going to be full of sleeping. I love to sleep.

Oh! I have to find out what kind of weird freakish bug that was in the living room last night. It was like a giant eyelash with legs. I killed it with the alarm clock.


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