Friday Random Ten

1. Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah
Amazing cover. Love-love-love this song. RW’s cover is probably the best cover even though Howie Day does an unbelievable job at it, as well. Of course, I’m really only thinking of 4.19.05. I can’t even listen to him play it anymore because it’s just too sad. But this is about Rufus Wainwright and how fabulously gay he is.

2. Brandy – Almost Doesn’t Count
I have some strange music on my iPod. This is from back in the day. The day I lost my mind and downloaded the song.

3. Dave Matthews Band – The Song That Jane Likes
The album version is not nearly so fun as the live versions because on the album version, the only people singing are…the band. I remember when I heard this live for the first time. I couldn’t believe it. Marysville 2004. OSW, #41, TSTJL. Best opening sequence in the world. Best show ever.

4. Burlap to Cashmere – Mansions
Really good non-psycho Australian Christian music. Great song.

5. Madonna – I’ll Remember
From the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies, With Honors. My first encounter with Moira Kelly. Love. Her.

6. Keane – Bedshaped
I only just realized I had this album on my computer, so I haven’t even heard the whole thing yet but I love this song.

7. Howie Day – Black (cover)
Dear Howie,
Stop sounding so much like Eddie Vedder.
The World

8. Jonny Lang – Lie to Me
AJ got me a signed and framed Jonny Lang flat for my birthday one year. In case you’re unaware, Jonny Lang is young and hot and blessed with blues talent. Loads of it.

9. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds – Long Black Veil (3.29.03, Boone, NC)
Dave makes this song into something out of a movie. Everytime I hear him sing it, I picture him staring in the movie version of this song. I mean, he’s that guy. Thanks to Cheryl Wilson Phillips for sending me this show.

10. Bob Marley – Get Up, Stand Up
After my rousing lunch conversation with two of my coworkers, this song is perfect. Very fitting for this day and age. I love Bob Marley. He makes hot weather appealing. Strange, I know. But that’s what he does for me.


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