Friday night, I bought a vacuum and Saturday afternoon, I put it together and shuffled the boxes around in my room to do some sweeping. I picked up a notebook that had been on the floor against the wall and was surprised when it turned up wet. I cleared the rest of the things away from the area and discovered a medium-sized wet spot on the floor. The carpet wasn’t stained so I could only find the spots with my foot but I was a little taken aback. There were no stains on the ceiling and no evidence of water coming in the window. I called the office and they said they’d send someone to clean the carpet. Well, that’s all well and good but I don’t need my carpet cleaned, I need my wall and floor to keep the water OUT of my room. Last night it started raining again, so I went back to investigate. Sure enough, the water was coming from under the baseboard and was near to puddling (PUDDLING!). You could actually see that it was wet. It was almost as if I had poured a glass of water on the floor. Aside from the fact that this problem makes one wall of my room absolutely useless, this is the section of the wall where the cable comes in and there’s an electrical outlet there. I’m not sure how they’re going to remedy this situation but suffice to say, if it keeps up, they owe us another apartment.

In other absolutely thrilling news, yesterday at the grocery, some skeezy guy said something to us that neither of us caught but it had something to do with my car. My car looked fine, so we just assumed he was, you know, weird and went on our merry way. This morning when I left for work, I finally saw what he was pointing at: someone hit my car! Okay, hit isn’t really the word. More like scraped the door. But scraped it a lot! And didn’t leave a note! Asshat. How dare you violate my baby and not even say you’re sorry?!

So. I have a bedroom that is wet and a car that is scratched. And it’s only Tuesday.


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  1. But since this was Labor Day Weekend it’s basically Monday and bad things always happen on Mondays. Even when they’re just Mondays in theory.

    Tomorrow’s hump day and it’s all downhill from there!

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