Time stands still

Only it doesn’t. Ever. It just keeps on going, no matter what is going on around me. It keeps slipping, slipping, slipping into the future. (I think I deserve point for two song references ALREADY.) Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I stared at the ceiling and thought about this post. I thought about time and how frustrated I’ve been by it lately, especially in regard to my work schedule. Don’t get me wrong, working from noon until 9pm has its perks (shift differential, sleeping in, four hours I get to spend among a steady stream of people to balance out the four I spend in the cave becoming one of those creatures that isn’t exposed to enough natural light [despite my skylight], light traffic) but it has some pretty major downsides. Well, one incredibly huge downside: my body isn’t sure what it’s supposed to do.

The first huge interruption is my eating schedule. Not that I have one I live by but I would love to get away from eating after 8pm. My job makes that pretty impossible unless I feel like going to bed on an empty stomach every night. I’m not able to steal away to grab something after 5pm, which means I eat at 4 and am starving by 10, when I get home. Also, my body gets really confused at the end of the week when Friday rolls around and I have to be at work by 9am. I thought I’d get used to it after awhile. I thought wrong. I dread Thursdays because I know an early morning awaits the next day. I dread Fridays because my body just doesn’t understand what is going on. Then I spend the entire weekend catching up on all the sleep I missed during the week.

I have successfully managed to steer this away from my topic sentence. And I have a degree in English. I’m so teh smart. Anyway, eating schedule. Because I have difficulty waking up in the morning because I am so tired from my body trying to digest the food I ate at 10:30, I sometimes don’t manage to grab breakfast and since I am notorious for skipping the most important meal of the day, this shouldn’t be surprising. If I have something to snack on at work, then I can usually make it until 4 when I have lunch. However, sometimes when I get to work, everyone is heating up their lunch in the kitchen, which is five feet away from my desk. Which makes me hungry. Which makes me eat my snacky food way before I should. Which makes me go find something else to eat before 4. Which makes me not interested in my lunch at 4. Which…well, you get the picture.

So I’m frustrated about that time issue. I’m frustrated about the sleep-time issue but less so because I haven’t slept well since puberty. Here I am again today, breakfastless because of a time crunch and because of an incredibly upset stomach, which is feeling better now and actually quite empty, and I made sure I brought carrots and applesauce to tide me over until my peanut butter & jelly sandwich that will come at 4.

I’m slogging through today, dreading tonight as I normally do on Thursdays. The office is empty and as a result, incredibly quiet save the clackity-clack of my keyboard. I would like to run across the street for a mocha but anything that requires movement isn’t too high on my list.

Perhaps I’ll just sit here and gather dust.


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  1. It seems like some sort of cruel and unusual punishment to make someone be at work at 9 after they just left not 12hrs before. You notice how the people who make the schedules, no matter where you work, always have normal schedules that include normal sleeping hours and normal meal times?

    Jasson chose to completely starve himself during the last 4 weeks when he worked nights. Having him gone all evening only made me eat. Go figure.

    Hope you have a good day! Good luck holding out on the snack. If I have food within reach it doesn’t last long.

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