All’s fair in love and war

This post threatens to be all over the place. My apologies in advance.

Miroslav asked me why I regretted sending a message to my long lost friend. I explained this to Best Friend earlier but don’t really feel like going into it here. My hesitancy was caused by past events and my fear that this friend is no longer the same sweet, funny, bizarre person he was before.

Today is another day of searching. I know why I’m doing it (or at least have a pretty good idea why) and since I don’t really know any other way to fill this hole (well, that doesn’t include lots of alcohol), I’m going to keep on searching until I’m too tired to continue. If I’ve learned one thing at this job, it’s that the answer is always out there. Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper than you normally would.

Last night, I got a futon! And a desk! Well, Best Friend bought it for me when she decided to take a time-out from being an evil, whiny wench who uses me all the time. BFF Lisa and her friend brought the things by (as they were hers) while I was at work and when I came home, there she was at the door talking to Best Friend. It was a lovely surprise! So now I have the beginnings of a bedroom. Finally.

Thank you everyone for your comments on my what-to-do post (I’m too lazy to fetch the link). I’m not the revenge type but am a firm believer that when someone does something wrong, that person should be hog-tied, doused in honey, and left on a fire ant hill reprimanded appropriately. Just how pissed would you be if you found out someone broke into your email account and read all your chat conversations and emails?

Back to searching.


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  1. Bedroom furniture! Yay!

    (It’s early…that’s about as insightful as I can get.)

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