A little bit of fear and loathing

Since I am a stupid person, I am always grateful to people when they take great pains to point out my shortcomings and reveal to me the true nature of my life. I still can’t comprehend why they aren’t equally appreciative when I return the favor but that just might be that pesky stupidity rearing its ugly head. I mean, I should just up and move to South Dakota because I hear people there are not at all particular about making life decisions for other people.

South Dakota is for stupid people.

So I’ve started the spreadsheet of doom, death, and destruction and when it is done, it will hold more information than you can shake a stick at. What kind of information? School information. Because this is what geeky geeks like me do when they work at the reference desk in a research library. I failed to tell you guys that yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from the head of the local International Studies program and she offered me the last seats for this fall’s classes. I had to turn her down thanks to my procrastination but when I told her I’d be enrolling for spring, she told me to give her a call. She is very nice and I’m feeling better about my Big Scary Decision ™ to apply to the program.


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  1. Middle AmER-ica!

    I’m glad you’re feeling better about the big scary life decision. Everything’s going to work out, best friend. For you are awesome.

  2. Big scary life decisions are very… well, scary! And big! And life-changing! :) But I’m so proud of making it! I’m really excited for you.

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