Friday ten and other business

1. Counting Crows – Hanging Around
2. Madonna – Express Yourself
3. Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up
4. Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson – Beautiful
5. Sufjan Stevens – O Holy Night
6. Jon Brion – Voices
7. Soundtrack of Our Lives – Ten Years Ahead
8. Death Cab for Cutie – Lack of Color
9. REM – Shiny Happy People
10. Stone Temple Pilots – Big Empty


It’s like walking on glass. Or maybe it’s more like having a speck of dirt under your contact lense. PIck your painful metaphor and run with it. Tonight I took a bath and spent about ten minutes submerged in hot water – water up to the corners of my eyes. It felt good suspended there, staring at the ceiling and not really hearing anything but the slow trickle of water escaping down the drain where the plug doesn’t quite fit. It felt good to just be, to just float for a moment, to be able to ignore the biting pain in my neck and shoulder, to not be thinking about finding my place, to pretend I don’t know why my sudden obsession seems so…sudden.

I’d like to pretend some people are just too hapless, too brainless to know they are doing wrong.

I’d like to think I’m okay.


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