Not sure why I chose that as my title.

I went from having a moderately disturbed day (changing my schedule always does that) to having a completely frustrating and somewhat depressing (in the non-clinical sense) day full of concern over buying tires and fixing brakes and hoping my car can hold out just a few more months so I can make it sell-able.

Plus I’m very tired. I didn’t mention it this morning but I didn’t fall asleep until well after three. I’m tempted to go fetch some coffee but that would require me to stand up and, you know, move. However, if I got coffee, I could get food since I skipped breakfast this morning.

So. The oil has been changed, the air filter replaced, tires must be purchased soon, and brakes must be fixed in the next few months. I love my precious but I think the time has come for everyone to admit that she really does have 222,000 miles and isn’t going to be the car for me much longer.


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  1. Yuck, I HATE getting car stuff fixed. I know its one of those things that HAS to be done but it seems so pointless at the same time. lol. I’m like… well… the car isnt smoking.. cant I just buy some new clothes instead of an oil change? Trey of course, is like NO! but… I guess thats just the girl coming out in me.

  2. I am EXACTLY the same way. Why spend the money on things like FOOD, and other random necessities that aren’t PRETTY, when I could be buying something PINK?!

  3. Have you read the book Confessions of a Shopaholic? It’s fabulous.

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