And then one day, I woke up

It’s early. It’s confusingly early. Okay, so maybe a lot of you are thinking, “well, I’ve been up for HOURS, Sparkle Pants” and you are probably right. I mean, I wouldn’t know. It’s not like I’m spying on you or anything. But for me, the girl who doesn’t leave for work until 11 and doesn’t get home until 10, EIGHT IN THE MORNING IS EARLY. Even on Fridays, when I am always out of the house by 8. The oil is finally being changed in my car and hopefully all will go well. I am always nervous that they are going to tell me that my car needs about $2000 of work done on it RIGHT NOW. Of course, that could be because the Saturn dealership I took my car to once tried that and I totally told them N-O.

Okay, I so don’t see the Anderson Cooper/Lance Armstrong thing. Or maybe I choose not to because love is blind. So blind, in fact, that it masks physical similarities to Lance Armstrong and also sexual orientation. TRUE LOVE IS SO AWESOME.

Michelle offered up the first official writing challenge and suddenly, I am gripped with mad panic. WHAT IF I CAN’T DO IT?

And seriously, earlier, when I was driving to the car place, Mr. Local NPR Guy said the word ONE HUNDRED in regard to the sweltering outside that is already sweltering away at 8 in the morning.

This is SO WRONG.


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  1. anderson > lance

    ’nuff said.

  2. All I’m gonna say is can’t, shmant. I don’t know what the challenge is, but YOU CAN DO IT! (oy. gotta stop watching Adam Sandler movies lol)

    But seriously, I have faith :)

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