The many facets of Sparkle Pants

I have too many email addresses. I know this because just now, I replied to a reply to a comment I left in Beth’s blog and I sent that reply from a gmail account that matches my domain account in username but has a completely different and strange ‘From’ name because I have ten personalities and sometimes they overlap. Granted, most of you know my real name and some of your are fortunate to know me by about five different names, depending on when we met and how long we’ve known each other. I’m not “nameless” here because I’m afraid of someone finding me or because I feel confusing everyone all over again; I’m doing it mainly because…well, I actually have no idea. Clearly I’m pretty bad at being covert because my picture is RIGHT THERE. I mean, I know you all love looking at my self-portrait taken in the guest bathroom of my mom and dad’s house on Christmas Eve when I had just finished a 23-hour drive from California to Oklahoma.

I’ve said it once but I think it bears repeating: if you have five or more email addresses listed for me, chances are they all work and you will get a response from me if you use any or all of them. Until I figure out how to maintain my personalities without them overlapping, we’re all in for lots of confusion.

Randomly, that strange name in my gmail account? Made use of my middle name and my mom’s maiden name. I think I was going through a phase…


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