Remember the prisoners

With everything going on in the world today, it’s hard to keep up: conflict between Lebanon and Israel, civil war (though few people will admit it) in Iraq, genocide in Sudan, starvation, abuse, an utter lack of freedom. It doesn’t matter what region of the world you look at, trouble is brewing. My mind bounces back and forth between Lebanon-Israel, Africa, and Iraq. The mystification I feel about Africa is slowly spreading to the Middle East. I find my desire to learn Arabic is increasing; lately I have been entranced by mosques with their delicate, beautiful spires and intricate designs. Perhaps it’s my subconscious trying to understand the depth of the conflicts or perhaps my ‘baby soul’ (to borrow from Neil Peart) is growing yet another facet.

I’ve suffered a bit of writers block lately, so I haven’t been able to discuss my thoughts on the Lebanon-Israel conflict and even now, when I’m experiencing a brief moment of clarity, I’m not sure I can succinctly say what it is I’d like to say. First and foremost, I suppose, I’d like to say that I feel both sides are at fault. Terrorist organizations like Hezbollah need to be taken care of but it is this blogger’s opinion that Israel has overreacted. “Overreacted” is such a poor choice of words. They have acted disproportionately. Let’s face it: Israel is the teacher’s pet that gets away with everything and Hezbollah is the playground bully. Israel got tired of Hezbollah shooting spitwads at the back of its head during math, turned around, and shoved its ruler through Hezbollah’s head. The teacher sent Hezbollah to the principal’s office for a whipping and gave Israel a nice little cuddle.

It’s actually kind of amusing to watch this situation unfold from an uninvolved viewpoint. I like to think it resembles the U.S. invading Iraq in some twisted way. Civilian casualties grow disproportionately.

That’s not to say, as I’m sure some of you stumbling across this blog will think, that I am pro-terrorism. I’m not. In fact, I’m anti-terrorism. Just wanted to clarify that in case any of you had your finger hovered over the NSA speed dial on your phone. Speaking of whom, they broke into our apartment over the weekend and stole our little chicken that was supposed to be dinner Saturday night. I hope you’re enjoying that chicken, you turkeys!

What was my point again? Certainly not to tell you about the disgusting camel cricket that invaded our kitchen Sunday. (Google it but don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Ah, yes. The world, its hand basket, and that eternal heat wave called Hell.

Ethiopian forces are pushing into Somalia. The Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) is demanding that the Ethiopians leave. There is the threat of holy war. Again. Charles Taylor is complaining about conditions at the Hague, Joseph Kony’s mother is traveling into the wilds of DR Congo to try and talk her son into attending peace talks. African migrants die on the trek to Spain, DR Congo’s children must be protected, and so on and so forth.

It’s hard to pinpoint a topic when so many stories cry out for attention and coverage and a voice. Some days, it’s all I can do to remember the prisoners, these people trapped in war zones, these children malnourished by their own government’s greed, these lives so quickly and thoughtlessly wiped from the planet.


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  1. I rang the NSA’s Spot-A-Terrorist Hotline on President Bush one too many times, and now they won’t take my calls.

  2. Sitting here stunned at the spitball and schoolyard bully analogy… yikes. Spitballs at my school never exploded in coffee shops and schoolyards. Over-reaction? Give me a break. Puke.

    BUT, I won’t go all buck wild b/c to be honest, I have my own issues about war. Specifically, at what point is the only option to go out and KILL your enemies? Reform them, support them, love them, help educate the people, support the good guys… all good things.

    Turn the other cheek is fabulous and an honerable aspiration… but what about when my wife is being threatened by a rapist? a torturer? a murderer? I’d kill the bastard. No second thinking it. Do you know what I mean?

    So what do I do when an organized, funded, violent terrorist group plots day in and day out the most effective way to murder my civilian ass? When they want to kill my children? When every day brings news of new attacks in my city?

    At some point is the only option to go out there and shoot the terrorist right smack in his head and end his miserable, pain-causing life? HONEST QUESTION. (and, really the point to this whole comment of mine… I wonder what your answer is.)

    All the while, of course, these terrorists holds a similair (yet obviously quite opposite) view of me and my life. All the things I hold as True and AllImportant are horrid to him and vice-versa.

    Sometimes I think to myself, “Let God sort ’em out…” … or better yet, “Let God sort US out.” I go back to this old Mideival way of thinking … lets just go to war, kill and be killed… and see where the cards fall, here on earth and for all eternity.

    With that said, I stand with Israel on this one. Hezbollah, and the regime and community that support it, have the wrath of Israel coming to them. Same with Hamas. The sad truth of all war, though particularly more so when guerrilla tactics are used, is that innocents get caught in the cross fire. Innocents killed in Lebanon should be mourned with equal sadness as innocents killed in Israel. The key difference when it comes to judgement of the actions of each group should come when you look at purpose/motive. Hezbollah TARGETS innocents. Israel strives to protect them. Believe that.

    Or not, I suppose. God will sort us out…

    Bah. I’m rambling. But I was not too happy when I read this post. Reminded me of what I heard from this loose lipped crazy liberal demonstrator I was talking to recently. His sign read, “STOP ISREALS ETHNIC CLEANSING”. He held a Palistinian and Hamas green flag. Shouting, “The two largest terrorist organizations in the world are the United States and Israel.” He really believes that. Its craziness.

    Rambling again. Done now. Promise.

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